Saturday, July 30, 2011

What Catches My Eye

What catches my eye? Where do I see Him?

In veils of mist.

The Artist wets His brush, dazzling the sky
with lilacs I cannot fathom. 
I wonder what colors await me at Home.
What prisms in the palate of Creation have eyes never beheld?

For now, I gaze and wonder.

There is song in the movement.
I breathe in the sweetness of His purity. 
I feel softness catching me.

~Holy Spirit~

I free fall into translucent poetry.

His beauty engulfs the horizon. I feel hope approaching.
There is tangible grandeur.

A palate of Power.

My Father laughs with me as I daydream.

I spot the familiar shapes of childhood.
He tells me a story.
I giggle.

It's our moment.

When storms approach, 
He commands the threatening winds. 
He is my Security. 
I may feel the rain, but...

...I hope...

...despite the colder clouds, which chill the skin, and chap the heart.

Without rain, life withers. Strength collapses.

Holy One, sweet Father,
breathe upon my wayward clouds of discontentment, pain...


Encompass me.

You build towers of 
strength from weak places.

A fortress of Grace.

The hopes You set in my heart will not fade into a vapor.
You hold the sky, and all that is within it.

You hold me.

Your Light explodes into brilliant rays of Sovereignty.

It is no wonder that You speak the loudest without words.

I look up to the sky and see gifts of Glory.

My Father is an artist.

The Author

Life's Poet.

Though He can be seen in the sky,
The sky is not His limit.

No limits for Eternity.

Until next time,
The Carpenter's Daughter

"I have swept away your offenses like a cloud, your sins like the morning mist. Return to me, for I have redeemed you."

Isaiah 44:22


  1. Thank you Layla for drop by and leave a sweet comment on my blog. I love your blog and the poem. Wow seem the world so small ya? I have some Christian missionaries friends from the states ( almost every states) and now I work with some of them. May be somehow your friends are my friends' friend :)

  2. It is very possible that you may know them. The world is so much smaller than we think. Thanks for the encouragement. I will be stopping by your blog frequently. :) I love knowing I have another sister-in-the Lord, and that God has brought us together in this amazing world of blogging.

  3. congrats! keep up the good work/this is a great presentation.


  4. Thank you. :) I give my Daddy the glory, and I LOVE to see His handiwork in the sky! I am so glad you stopped by the Carpernter's shop. ;)

  5. Layla, I hardly ever come to this blog anymore – I go to the other one – but I'm sure glad I read this – I'm just – wordless. This dripped praise, it stilled my heart – and quickened it. I hearted it a lot more than I can say. God bless you Layla!

  6. Craig, a strange thing happened when I read your comment. I was overcome with tears and a grace-filled presence. Just being in total awe of how our Father can bring his children together, and connect their hearts. It really is something that cannot be put into words. It's the reason why I write THIS particular blog.

    This post is very special to me. It came out of a challenge from one of our pastors (Matt). Matt challenged us to pay attention to the things that both draw us closer to, and farther from God. Clouds are one of the things that draw my heart to God. So, a couple of days after that challenge, I saw a patch of clouds, and took a pic without looking (it was too bright). Wow! That last picture (the purple-ish one) is what I captured. The REALLY awesome part to this story is that when I had left the house, Africa was on my heart. I had NO IDEA that AFRICA was in those clouds, until I snapped that pic...but God did. He put them there JUST to reaffirm that not only could He dazzle me with his creation, but He saw Africa too. And He saw me. <3

    So, Craig, look at that last pic again. I don't know about you, but I see Africa in those clouds. God is so much bigger than we can fathom.

    I keep trying to post something new here, but I struggle. I struggle, because nothing has topped that moment.

    I am so happy you stopped by. I just might have a little something to blog about now. ;)

  7. ((((tears)))))

    I see it too - clear as a cloud can be - ((((( heart ))))) - GOd Bless you Layla!!!!!

  8. You in your part of the earth and I in mine.... lifting praises to the Maker of it all. (We'd have fun viewing it together!)I love your worship! Thank you so much for sharing all His beauty with us. Your photos and words encourage and lift my spirit! Yay!!!!Thanks be to God who delights us with good things so that our strength is renewed like the eagles.

  9. Hello, TheFisherLady. :)
    I went to check out your blog before I responded to this, and I LOVED it! Yes, I agree. We would surely have so much fun. What an amazing God we have!