Thursday, April 7, 2011

What Compels Me

Flowers call me to smell them.

I am drawn into the motion of a windmill. Stars inspire me to dream. I devour books; hungry to learn. A new recipe takes me on a journey.

What compels me?

When I look at artwork, I am like Alice in Wonderland. I fall in. My mind writes a story. I lived in the painting.

What inspires me?

Hummingbirds float dreamily. I wonder if they tire. They are sweet. They drink sweetness. Wings beating, hearts pumping. Beautiful.

Sickness is always near. I crawl through days. I soar through others. Darkness wants to swallow me, but I focus on Light. I am drawn to the heartbeat of my Savior. I rest in His rhythm.

How do I fall?

I have given Greed more than her fair share. She steals joy, while promising security. My hand holds my belongings. "Mine, mine, mine!"

My Savior prompts; I have no choice but to listen. I may resist for a time...

...but He compels me to give. Painful redemption. No peace until my hand is back into my Father's, and He leads me.

Devotion, self-denial, love for others...

...I am not compelled...

...on my own.

His love draws me in. The Holy Spirit blows out the dust. I am left breathless, holding on. Power. Strength. Mercy.

When my heart is focused on Him, I can look at the stars and dream.

The flowers bend their heads in prayer...

...they smell sweet.

"Christ's love compels us." (2 Corinthians 5:14)

Until next time,
The Carpenter's Daughter


  1. Another beautiful poem! I love the part about the hummingbird and the Holy spirit blowing away the dust! Amazing!

  2. Layla beautiful. It made me smile on this dreary day.

  3. Beautiful and inspiring as always, Layla! You have a gift for writing!! Thank you for sharing it with us.

  4. @Brownie
    Thank you for your sweet comments. I am humbled, and pray you are all sweetly blessed. <3